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Welcome to the website of Genseiryu Genseikan Karatedo

Genseiryu, also known as Genseikan, is a karate style and has its roots in ShuriTe, one of the three original karate styles in Okinawa (a Japanese island). De bedenker van Genseiryu is Sensei Seiken Shukumine (1925-2001) the…

Genseikan Karatedo is a club with approx 200 members of North Holland. Lessons are given by David Roovers who has learned Genseiryu Karatedo from Sensei Konno. In 1998 David Roovers had the chance to meet the founder of Genseiryu Karatedo Sensei Shukumine.

If you are interested, come and have a look or join right away (sports pants and a t-shirt are sufficient). See us photo-album for a 1st impression. Would you like to know more about Karate or how we train, look here. Look here for an agenda and contact details for classes: Anna Paulowna of Schagen Or take lessons at multiple locations: Bonsai karate (4 t/m 7 year), for youth up to and including 12 year or from 13 year


In addition to "classic Karate", there are now also "FIT TO FIGHT" training courses.

Gladiators, samurais, and modern martial artists all top fit to handle the fight. Word ook ‘FIT TO FIGHT’

  • Become top fit by training martial artists.
  • A varied training by top karatekas David Roovers and Ciska van der Voort.
  • Training to be more mobile, stronger, become more agile and resilient.
  • Training with, among others. pads, kettlebells and elastic.
  • Challenging, varied training courses for everyone at her / his own level.
  • With the Fit To Fight training you only confront yourself, so no spare sessions.
  • (Combat) exercises derived from Yoga, Tai chi, Kickboxing, Kobujutsu, and of course Karate.
  • Unique registration system with (to begin) to choose from 8 morning workouts and 14 evening sessions.

For more information mail togenseikan@live.nl or call us: 06-22233658
Also take a look at the Fit to Fight Website.

We help you to go through life fit and healthy. Come and train for free once!

Training At Level


Age: 4 – 8 year

Exercise in an active and fun way? and also learning about focus and self-confidence. Come and have a look!


Age: 8+

Adolescent / Adults

Age: 13+

Getting / staying fit and improving mobility?

pay attention: The groups are flexibly adapted to the level where the karateka (pupil) trains on.


    Anna Paulowna

    • Dojo, De Lange Ring 10


    • VierTaal College, Hoep 28, 1741MC Schagen
    David Roovers

    David Roovers

    Hoofd trainer

    Voormalig voorzitter KBN

    Ciska van der Voort


    Meervoudig Nederlands kampioen Karate

    David Keijzer


    Sharon Appelman


    Wim Zeeman


    Kick Timmer


    Jordi Lozano


    Peter Bakker


    Mayla Limpens


    Ilse Dekker

    Yoga Trainer

    Yuki Watabe


    Edwin Vermeer


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    New year’s challenge 2019

    Graag organiseren wij ook dit jaar weer een new year’s challenge. Een mooie traditie als start van een nieuw jaar karate. Dit jaar is de training op twee locaties. Tegelijkertijd in Anna Paulowna en Amstelveen Read more…

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    Dojo, De Lange Ring 10, Anna Paulowna

    VierTaal College, Hoep 28, 1741MC Schagen

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    Heeft u vragen? Stuur dan een email naar genseikan@live.nl Is het dringend, neem dan contact op met: David Roovers, 06 22 23 36 58, Ciska van der Voort, 06 50 88 70 67

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