Sunday 10 December the two annual dance exam was organized by the Karate Association Netherlands. In sports complex De Sypel in Harderwijk this time no fewer than five brown belts from Genseikan Karatedo stood at 9:00 hours on the mat to show that they deserved their black belt. Then there were three black belts from the karate club on the mat who took the exam for the 2nd degree.

After an intensive hour, Ilse Dekker, Jelle & Suzanne Komen, Davey Smit and Dennis Vermeer were rewarded for everything they have trained and practiced in recent years and after the positive result were immediately awarded the black belt that goes with achieving the first dan grade.

At a quarter to 11 started the second round. This time were Edwin Vermeer, Wim Zeeman and Sharon Appelman on the tatami and took another exam, but one level higher. They did not receive a new black fire, but a diploma and a stamp in the karate passport behind the second Dan grade.

Under the supervision of the examiners Sensei Ciska van de Voort and Sensei David Roovers and examiners Eddy Marques and Wim Muilwijk assigned from the Karate Association, this edition of the dance exam was also successful for Genseikan Karatedo. On behalf of all teachers and assistant teachers, congratulations on your dan grade!


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