Number Japanese Statement
1 Ichi something
2 Ni no
3 San san
4 Shi / A see / jon
5 Go goo
6 Year year
7 Shichi / Nana sietsj / nana
8 Hachi hatsj
9 Kyuu / Ku kjoe / koe
10 Top DJOE

The numbers 3, 7 in 9 have two possible statements. When just it (head)count word ‘loose’ is used, the former is usually used, but if it is combined with a noun, then usually the second is used. For example, "3rd dan’ in Japanese ‘Yondan’ and "7th kyū’ ‘Nanakyū’ (in Japanese it is written together!). Incidentally, the spelling and pronunciation can also change. For example, 1st dan’ ‘Shodan’ and ‘1st kyū’ ‘Ikkyū’. In addition to the above row of numbers, Japanese has a second row. However, it is going too far to mention it. You will be the one in karate (outside of Japan) never hear.