Sunday 8 October the annual Japan festival took place in Amstelveen. The Japan Festival is an annual event where people can get acquainted with Japanese culture, Japanese food, the Japanese language but also Japanese music and sports. Of course, a karate demonstration could not be missed.
In recent weeks, the participants have already practiced during the training sessions and on Sunday morning the finishing touches were done.. Then everyone went to the city square in Amstelveen. Just before the demonstration started it rained heavily for a while. But luckily it got dry just before we started because the audience was in the open air.

The introduction in Dutch and Japanese by the internship MCs

The start where we always start with seiza.

Afterwards 10 bumping with a loud kiai

Then a number of shihoo and kata are shown in different compositions.
And as a club we have shown that anyone can kick and punch hard on the fender.

It was a very strong demonstration and we were done in no time.

As a result, there was still time to let some interested kids on the stage and Sensei David K ​​gave a short workshop there with learning the punch and the first kick and finally the kids could practice this on the bumper..

I am very proud of all participants and the audience was very enthusiastic.

Children from Amstelveen who want to come and do a trial lesson can sign up at and then we'll see them in class.
Until then!




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