Before the end of the winter break, the biennial exam of Genseikan Karatedo takes place. For the participants the time to move up a kyu degree. Everyone starts with a white belt and every kyu degree higher represents a new color belt. Except the 3rd, 2e en 1e kyu, these three are all brown.
In bonsai karate it works slightly differently. From the white belt to the yellow belt, they have an intermediate system in which an exam is taken each time for a colored fist. The same order is followed as with the tires, namely yellow, green, Orange, green, blue and brown.

The exam took place in Amstelveen on Tuesday 12 December in the gym of the Triangel primary school. Sensei David Roovers and Sensei Konno were present to take the exam.

This time the flags were hung for the other kids in the Noordkop and the gym of primary school De Viertaal in Schagen where on Friday 22 December the exam took place. The first hour was planned for the bonsai children of Anna Paulowna and Schagen and the exam time afterwards for the other young people.
Here were Sensei David, Sensei Ciska and Sensei Konno present to observe and administer the exam.

The photos taken of the exam are in the photo album on the website.

Congratulations to all graduates!
And a word of thanks and a big compliment to all teachers & assistant teachers who took karate lessons in the dojos in Anna Paulowna last year, Amstelveen, Den Helder and Schagen have helped to bring all members a step closer to eventually the black belt!



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