Dutch champion
NK Karate Yuki

During the NK Karate last weekend, Yuki became Dutch Champion in the Kumite section.

On behalf of all members of the club, congratulations on this wonderful result.

Kata en Kumite

On Saturday 19 November we hold a club tournament for all members. You can sign up for 11 november 2011 via the link below.



On Saturday 29 October becomes the competition day of the Jeugdvanencompetition kept. By competitiedagen (four per season) be in a fun, small-scale and sportive way. Children from all schools affiliated with the Karate-do Association can participate in the competition.

Sign Up

Start new season
5 September the training starts

The holiday is over, the workouts are about to begin. On 5 The training courses will start again in all departments in September.

A change is being made in Den Helder. Monday's training has been moved to Thursday. Thursday's training has been moved to Tuesday. See also the calendar

Tire exam July 2011
Tire exam 30-07-2011

The tire exam is imminent and yesterday a number of members did not receive a note. Here is the letter so that you are informed about the upcoming exam.


See you next week for the exam

2 July

Dear members,

If you have signed up for the vanen competition, we will see each other in Hoofddorp. If you would like to drive to Hoofddorp with a group, we will leave on Saturday at 11.00 hours at the Dojo in Anna Paulowna. You can of course go on your own, then we'll see you there.

Until Saturday

EK Karate 2011 May 2011

Russia was the opponent of the Orange ladies. With quick wins the ladies qualified for the next round. In the 2nd round, Belgium waited as an opponent of Ciska, Vanesca, Lydia and Annemiek. The Belgians were no match for the Dutch women's team! The quarter finals were reached convincingly. In the quarterfinals our ladies faced Sweden. The Swedish fighters threw everything into battle, but it was not enough!

The semi-final brought Spain to the mat as an opponent. The Spanish ladies can be found on the podium almost every edition, a formidable opponent. Unfortunately, the Spanish ladies turned out to be just too strong. After this disappointment, the Orange ladies aimed their arrows at the bronze. Croatia came after winning the rematches as an opponent on the tatami. On 3 parties there was a tie on the scoreboard. An extra party ultimately had to be decisive. On 2 minutes did not bring the regular game winner either. The extension was all decisive. The awarding process began convincingly, the initiative was immediately with the Netherlands. This was rewarded with scores and winnings.
For the first time since the European Championships in Paris 1996 a Dutch women's team was back on the podium!


Location Schagen new Dojo
from 20 May May 2011

Dear Members,

Starting next Friday 20 May 2011 the training sessions will be held in Schagen in the Gymnasium of De Rank primary school on Vincent van Goghlaan 2 in Schagen.

Until Friday

NK Kumite 2011 February 2011

Just heard that Ciska became Dutch Champion at the NK Karate in Dordrecht. More information will follow soon.


Dutch championship
NK Kumite 2011 February 2011

Here are the results of our club at the NK Karate part Kumite, more information will follow soon.

  • Mayla unfortunately was unable to close a game with a win in her group
  • In his category David lost to the eventual champion. For that reason he was allowed to participate in the second chance but unfortunately did not win.
  • ….. ended up on the mat twice and unfortunately was unable to end the second game with a win and narrowly won with a point difference.

Paris Open 2011
3he place Paris Open January 2011

Ciska has achieved a very special result in Paris to conquer third place in this important tournament.

Congratulations !

Banner Genseikan Karatedo Anna Paulowna
Study assignment January 2011

The above banner was created by Amy van Klink as the result of a study assignment. Amy studies at the Media College in Amsterdam (niece of René).

16 in 17 december december 2010

The exam is imminent.

The exam in Amstelveen on 16 December is in Gymzaal Zeelandiahoeve, primary retrained the Triangle 18.30 hour.

The exam in Anna Paulowna on 17 December is in our dojo on the Nieuweweg and starts at 19.00 hour.

Make sure you are on time for the exam so that we can start on time.

Good luck everyone.

Schagen department to new location
New Dojo 8 december 2010

Starting today Friday 2 December Schagen's training will move to a new location. The training is held at the Emmalaan.

The route is shown in the Appendix. When you are standing in the parking lot in front of the old hall, facing the main entrance of the school, go around the school. You then walk towards the fire station under construction (building named “Orange Red”). Go left here the bike- / footpath. On 150 meters you will find a turn to the left (the Emmalaan) still walk 50 meters further around the building on your left and you will find the entrance to our new dojo.

If you can't find it, just give René a call (06 52 47 08 63).

WK Karate in Belgrado

On 27 October the World Karate Championships will be held in Sevian Belgrade. Ciska will participate in the women's team on behalf of the Netherlands.

In recent years, the Netherlands has not been represented at the World Cup in the women's team category. We hope that the team will perform well with Ciska.

Interland Netherlands – Turkey

On Saturday afternoon 28 August, the international match between the national karate teams of the Netherlands and Turkey will be held in the WRZV-Hallen in Zwolle. Ciska is participating !!!


Full poster

Start new season
2the half of the seasons 2010

Dear members,

Now the vacation from 2010 almost over we can get back to work in the Dojo. Training will resume at all locations in the week of 30 augustus.

Only for the children of Schagen (group of 18.00 hour) the season starts on Friday 27 augustus.

Funakoshi Cup
Kata competition in Alkmaar

On Sunday 20 June Funakoshi organizes the annual Cup. Anyone can participate in this Kata tournament. If you want to participate, register for 6 June 2010.

Registration and information

Sportswoman of the year
Ciska van der Voorst 29 May 2010

Last Saturday it was that time again. The annual sprat election of Anna Paulowna and surroundings. Also this year Ciska was nominated. And although she did not expect it herself, she became sportswoman of the year for the 3rd time in a row.

Congratulations to Ciska

5 times black
Then exam 30 May 2010

Yesterday was the day. In Utrecht five of our Karatekas were on the mat for their 1st dan exam. Willem, Wilson, David, Ruben and Lars have trained for months to be ready for this moment. And they were done. A very good exam was passed by all five participants. The partner exercises for which René, Paul and Gregory came and help went as planned. Defense techniques, the block, acquisitions and a finishing punch. Not only the participants were satisfied, the examiners also saw that the men were ready for their coveted black belt.
After the exam, we enjoyed the delicious food in a Japanese restaurant with a smile from ear to ear. With a Sake in hand, a toast was made to the achieved result “kanpai”.

Gentlemen, congratulations on your results.

3e Ronde KBN Youth Competition

Dear Members,

Saturday 29 May we will hold the third round of the KBN Youth Competition in Amstelveen. This time kata is on the program again, whereby we will of course do everything we can to divide the participants according to their own level.

During the competition we want to create an atmosphere in which the children can get used to competitions in a relaxed way in a sporty and respectful way. The trainers play an important role in this, referees and parents! Compliments for the previous round, because also in the kumite the matches were disciplined and in a great atmosphere.

Because the competition is mainly a step-up tournament, Prize winners at a NK are excluded from participation. Prize winners kata can participate in a kumite round and vice versa. We also request that you indicate when registering whether a participant has experience at other tournaments or championships, so that we can take this into account in the classification. Participants must be or become a member of the KBN!

If you play wild, sign up quickly via the link below. Registration closes on Monday 24 May.

PLANNED START: 10.30 hour

Exact time per age group will be announced later.

Ciska to EC in Athens
European Karate Championship in Athens 8 May

So, today it will really happen, I'm on my way to Athens. Unfortunately we were unable to leave yesterday due to the strikes in Greece.
The ash cloud also seems to lie favorably, because all flights from Schiphol are planning to continue as usual.

If you want to see some photos and keep up with the progress of the Dutch group, you can do so via the link below.
For me you can leave on Sunday 13.00 hours very hard.




KLM Karateclub
New members 29 april 2010

KLM Karateclub

The KLM Karate Club is looking for new members, young and old. Are you sporty and would you like to have a good time “sparring” (always in a safe way!), come sometime, without charge, join in this energetic, special association. The training sessions are varied and you do exercises that match your level (band). Traditional and match-specific training takes place. Thus there is room for members who like to participate in competitions and for members who want to experience karate in a different way. Whether you are a beginner, or sometimes karate or another “martial art” (martial arts) have done, you will soon feel completely at home in this club’ to feel!

The KLM Karate Club is led by a Japanese karate teacher sensei Konno, 6e dan in Genseiryu Karateand David Roovers, Government recognized karate teacher. Training takes place twice a week in Amstelveen. KLM's, as well as supporters and children (minimal 14 years old) of KLM's also receive a discount on the already low membership fee. For more information, visit our website www.genseiryu.nl or contact Mario Roering (F / O B737), email: mario(punt)agitation(at tail)klm4u.com, tel.: 023-5653350.

KBN youth competition in North Holland
Kumite 14 april 2008

Saturday at 13.00 starts the second round of the KBN Youth Competition in Zaandam.

All participants leave with their parents from our dojo on the Nieuweweg towards Zaandam.

Departure time: 11.30 hour


Gym S. van den Nieuwendijk
Weiteveen 29
1507 ML Zaandam (Westerwatering)

Good luck everyone.

KBN youth competition in North Holland
A great day in Alkmaar 7 March 2010

Beste Karateka’s,

If 9.30 hours the first participants for the first round of the KBN Youth Competition arrived in the Dojo of Funakoshi in Alkmaar.

First of all, it was clearly explained that participating is the best part of this competition. Today every karateka came into action at least four times. Winning delivered 20 points on, to lose 10 points. These points are added to the following rounds of the KBN Youth Competition.

With the tension on the faces it was over 10.00 hour gave the starting signal for the Kata competitions. Our club included Neal, Marijn, Frenck, Maarten, Rosella, Yuki, Kimberly, Maxime, Harley, Tyrique, Louay, Assamau’al, Bridget, Melvin, , Roy Lorijn, Kevin, Kris, Phaedra, Jerome, Annabel on the mat.

Afterwards, each participant received a diploma with the points achieved in this first round. Each participant went home with a smile on their face, a very successful day!!!

KBN youth competition in North Holland

Beste Karateka’s,

Hereby the necessary information about the first KBN youth competition in North Holland. Below the information of the organizing association:


A start will soon be made with the KBN youth competition in North Holland. At various locations, rounds of kata / kumite / demos will be held where the participating karatekas can earn points and each participant does multiple matches. With sufficient points, the participants receive a prize. Before the start of the competition, the participating clubs will receive competition regulations.
Initially, only a limited number of clubs in the region will be approached, because we have no insight into the amount of interest in this new initiative. At a later stage, clubs may be added or a second competition between other clubs can be started.
During the competition we want to create an atmosphere in which the children can get used to competitions in a relaxed way in a sporty and respectful way. The trainers play an important role in this, referees and parents!
Because the competition is mainly a step-up tournament, Prize winners at a NK are excluded from participation. Prize winners kata can participate in a kumite round and vice versa. We also request that you indicate when registering whether a participant has experience at other tournaments or championships, so that we can take this into account in the classification. Participants must be a member of the KBN and have a karate passport!
To avoid long waiting times for participants and parents, we ask you to register the participants in time, so that we can send a timetable a week in advance. We also count on one or two referees in karate suit and at least brown belt per club. A referee's license is not necessary.
The first round of kata is held on Sunday 7 March in the dojo of Funakoshi on the Slochterwaard 183 in Alkmaar. Saturday 17 april a kumite round will be held in the gym of Frank v.d. Nieuwendijk in Zaandam and in May we are still looking for a date for a kata round in Amstelveen.
Because we want to see how this initiative works within the region, we are starting with a limited number of clubs. This number can be expanded in the future or there may be a second competition next to it.
The organization sincerely hopes that we will be your club 7 March, so that together we can make a successful initiative for our karate youth.


Starting from youth up to and including 11 year round 10.00 hour

Start youth from 12 year round 12.00 hour.


Register now by clicking on this link

Austria open Karate Championships

Hallo Karateka’s,

The exam is imminent, the exam is in Anna Paulowna on Saturday 19 december. The exam starts at 17.00 hours so make sure you are there well before the start to change and warm up. The diplomas are expected to be awarded to those who have passed 19.00 hours.

The people in Amstelveen received information about the times of the exam there during the training. This exam is on Friday 18 december.

We wish all members who are allowed to take the exam the best of luck.

Austria open Karate Championships
Stage for Ciska 1 november 2009

Dear members,

Ciska recently went to Austria to fight against the international field of participants. After Finland and Germany, Ciska has also made it to the podium in Austria. This weekend ended with a nice 3rd place.

Again, congratulations on behalf of all karataks of our club.


Finland open and Germany open Karate Championships
2 time in the final for Ciska 14 september 2009

Dear members,

Ciska has again put in great performances in international tournaments in recent weeks. Below is a short report of her achievements.


Silver for Ciska van der Voort at the Open Finnish Karate Championships
On the weekend of 5 September Ciska van der Voort achieved her first international success of the year. In Tampere, Finland, where the women's football team also made a name for itself during the European championships, she came on the mat full of enthusiasm. Through strong footwork with a high rhythm of movement, she managed to put her opponents under pressure from the start. Her opponents could hardly do anything against this and Ciska did not give up a single point. Unfortunately, she was unable to convince the Finnish referees in regular time and extra time in the final. After a 0-0 her Finnish opponent was declared the winner, which resulted in a good 2nd place.


Last Saturday 12 September Ciska van der Voort won the silver medal at the German Open Karate. This tournament belongs to the 4 most heavily occupied karate tournaments in Europe and is an important selection moment for participation in the European Championship 2010. In the preliminary rounds, Ciska had to deal with, among others, the junior world champions of 2007 and the world champion students 2008. With only one score against she entered the final where she suffered a negligence in the final 15 seconds. The remaining time turned out not to be enough to make up for the backlog.
An excellent performance for Ciska who is one of the few to play in different competition systems.

Congratulations on behalf of all karatak's of our club.

Word of thanks from Ciska
Time for a big tournament 14 september 2009

Dear members,

If a Karateka like Ciska wants to participate in a tournament, all available time is invested here at our club. Because of this, it happens that training by other members (black bands assisted by brown ones) be taken over. This makes our club a great club where everyone helps the other to a better performance. Whether this is a tournament or an exam, sometimes you have to invest your time to make the other person perform.

In recent weeks, various members have taken over training courses from Ciska and David. Ciska and David would like to express their gratitude and trust in the appreciation of the other members.

Thank you on behalf of Ciska and David

Sportswoman of the year
2th year in a row Sportswoman of Anna Paulowna 6 June 2009

Dear members,

For the second year in a row, Ciska has become sportswoman of the year. Every year a gala is organized by Algemeen Sportbelang Anna Paulowna. During this evening, demonstrations will take place by various sports associations and the results of the sports election of the year will be given. Among the women, Ciska won the election for the second time in a row for all her achievements over the past year.


Amstelveen Japan Festival
Demonstration karate

Amstelveen Japan Festival

During the Amstelveen Japan Festival our karate club will provide a demonstration. On Sunday afternoon 7 June around the clock from 16.00 hours is the demonstration. Before that time, practice will take place at a location to be determined. Would you like to participate (< 25 year), then you can register via genseikan@live.nl. This is possible until Wednesday at the latest 3 June.

More information

Training camp 2009
Karate trainingskapm

Beste Karateka’s

Also this year we are organizing a training camp. We would like to hear from you as soon as possible if you want to join us, the number of participants that can join is limited.

Attendees from 12 years with sufficient fitness

Friday 3 July we leave
Tuesday morning the last training
Tuesday evening exam for participants in training camp

costs: that. € 100,- (will be determined later based on the number of participants)
Location Germany
Registrations via gensNokan@live.nl


Three Black Banders there !
Then exams 5 april 2009

Today was the day. After years of training, Gregory were allowed, Paul and René to Utrecht for their 1st Dan exam. On mat 2 in the sports hall of Utrecht the three brown belts were ready to start. Everything learned in the past years could be on the program today, very exciting.

After a number of basic techniques were first shown, the kata and four-way exercises were discussed. After this, the part Yakusoku Kumite had to be shown with partner. Willem Bulthuis participated in this part as partner of René. Willem was also allowed to hold the pad as a reward where Gregory, Paul and René kicked in with all their strength (he still feels that now). At the end of the exam the free fight. Controlled kicks and punches were given and after this the waiting could begin.

After the exam of the other club had also been completed, the participants were called to the mat. And the result may be black, blacker blackest. Three times black.

Gregory, Paul and René congratulations.

Dane exam April 2009

Wit, yellow, Orange, green, blue, bruin !!!!
Tire exams 12 december 2008

It is almost Christmas, we can still train this year, do everything for the exam. This year's exams are as follows:

For our members from Amstelveen and Uithoorn the exam is on Thursday 18 December at 19.00 hours in Amstelveen.

For the members of Schagen, Den Helder and Anna Paulowna have the exam on Saturday 20 December at 15.00 hours in Anna Paulowna. After this exam, there is the opportunity to sit down for a while at the Wapen van Holland.

Good luck everyone.

2e Place for Lars Jager
NK Karate 28 november 2008

Last weekend, the Annual Youth Championships took place in Zoetermeer. Arrived for our Club 5 people in action of which Lars Jager managed to secure a podium place on the part Kata (mock fight)12/13 year olds. For Lars, who ended up on stage more often, this was the first podium place at a NK. In the component Kata it comes down to the good execution of combinations whereby one clearly shows that one understands the application of the techniques. In other words in a real fight the techniques shown would be, now presented in a vacuum, should not miss their effect. The Kata shown is by 3 of 5 referees judged where one in a knock out system is the better of them 2 players choose. Lars was unanimously chosen by all referees in all rounds. In the final Lars unfortunately had to recognize his superiority in his opponent who showed a more famous kata and who showed more expression in the performance of his Kata.
Because we do not specialize in the subject of Kata, it is an extra good performance for Lars Jager, who is also good in hand-to-hand combat. Our club not only trains Kata but with us the total Karate Package is discussed with sufficient attention to safety.

Congratulations on behalf of all karatekas of our club !!!!!


3e Place for Ruben
NK Cadets and Juniors 19 October 2008

Ruben de Beus participated on behalf of our club during the Dutch championships for Cadets and Juniors in Zaandam. Ruben took 3rd place in this Kata competition and that is a great achievement.

Congratulations on behalf of the entire club.


Beach training in Den Helder
Training during the holidays 17 October 2008

Dear members,

During the holidays we hold a beach training. Of course it must be good weather. You must register yourself to attend this training.

Beach training in Den Helder

Address: Meet at the parking lot of Duinoord’s Steakhouse – Barbecue – Party Center – Jan Verfailleweg 622

Time and date:: 11.00 hours Wednesday 22 October

costs: € 2,50 please fit in an envelope with your name on it.

Clothes: Tracksuit, sneakers and a thick sweater for when it is cold.

Register via: gisnsisikan@live.nl with your name.


Genseikan Successful in Japan
Champions are back home 12 augustus 2008

After a flight of more than 11 hour the participants of the Osaka Cup and Genseiryu Karate World Championship returned to Schiphol yesterday. And participation in Japan turned out to be not without merit. Met 8 medals in the pocket, the two championships were successfully concluded.

The journey
On 30 July David Kijzer left, Melanie, Mike, Ruben, Femke, René, Gregory, Diana and Henk, and David Roovers to Osaka. A few days earlier, Ciska left for Yuki and his parents who are already in Japan. After getting used to the high temperatures and the time difference, the first tournament was just around the corner.

On 2 The Osaka Cup took place in August. In a beautiful sports facility in Japan's second city, teams from Australia and Japan came to compete for the medals. Both Kata and Kumite were on the program. During the kata competitions, the ladies managed to perform very well. The best result is a Dutch final in the kata part. In the end, first place went to Ciska and Femke became second.

And with this great result, the kumite part was started. Here it was unfortunately only Ciska who managed to reach the final. Mike managed to win his first but unfortunately lost his 2nd match because he got a high kick in the last second. Ciska managed to win her preliminary round matches sublime where she only 1 counterpoint and already after her first match 15 seconds with an ippon score. In a thrilling final, Ciska narrowly beat the last Japanese opponent with 4:3. The hard-fought final was an excellent advertisement for modern karate with beautiful techniques and sharp counters from both sides. Ciska who took the lead with 1 point then had to 3 points of the Japanese tolerate with the referees clearly leaving the home advantage to the Japanese. After a 3-1 stand in the last 30 seconds Ciska managed to score with a high attacking punch (1 punt) and a spiral staircase (2 points) to the belly of the Japanese after which the stand on 4:3 came. In the latter 10 seconds she was no longer in trouble and the 2nd gold was her reward for a year of hard training. The Japanese are well prepared for these matches and only their best fighters, selected during selection matches in Japan were allowed to participate in this top tournament. For some it was mainly a good experience and some were just unlucky to have drawn against the eventual finalists so they did not get a chance to get started.

On 3 August the participants left for Tokyo to participate in the first Genseiryu karate World Championship. In town with 14 million inhabitants a solid preparation for the tournament was started. A total of three training sessions were planned to put the finishing touches on the i. The dojo that was made available by Saitama University Karate Club was under harsh conditions (high temperature) trained in preparation for the tournament.

On 9 August came the day when a Genseiryu Style tournament was held for the first time. Also at this tournament, karatekas traveled from many countries in the world to use their best techniques and win prizes. Our club proved to be very successful here too. Melanie was able to present herself well and received a bronze medal. In the kata for teams, the ladies surprisingly managed to take second place by running beautiful katas. The success factor was used again in the kumite part. With very exciting matches Mike and Ciska managed to get through to the finals. Mike met a very strong opponent who took first place right in front of him, however, a great second place remained for Mike. Ciska proved too strong for her opponent and won her third gold medal 1 week time.

With these great performances our club has received a lot of appreciation from the Japanese organizers, and has set a great example for all members of our club. If you train hard and have faith in yourself, you can also achieve great performance at top level.

1he training in the new season
we are going to start ! 28 July 2008

Dear members,

After a well-deserved holiday, you have to work on your condition and learn new techniques. The lessons of the new season start from Monday 18 augustus.

Exam June 2008
Amstelveen and Anna Paulowna 26 June 2008

The annual tire exams were held two days in a row. On Tuesday it was the turn of the participants from Amstelveen and Uithoorn, Wednesday the members of Anna Paulowna, Den Helder and Schagen. Just like this year, it is again an exciting event. After a season of training and competitions, the participants were able to show their learned techniques.

We congratulate all participants with their achieved band and look forward to the new season, because then you can tie your new color on the first training!!!! See the list of results.

Because Ed Hendrix has already emailed his pictures, we already have the first pictures of the exam in us todayphoto-album can place. Thank you.

Sittard Cup
Results 15 June 2008
The Sittard Cup was held on the same day of the Funakoshi Cup. During this tournament Femke achieved her best result so far. With a series of good matches she managed to achieve second place. We congratulate Femke with this great result. Sittard Cup results
Funakoshi Cup
Results 15 June 2008
During the Funakoshi Cup today, our club again won prizes. Just like in other years, we have managed to win a prize at this tournament. Via the link below an overview of the results .. Lars and Michelle performed the best of our club. Congratulations on the result.

results Funakoshi Cup


Sports pageant Anna Paulowna 2007 – 2008
Ciska van der Voort 31 May 2008
Ciska van der Voort is Sportswoman of the Year 2007 – 2008 from Anna Paulowna .. Quote: Ciska van der Voort took home the prize among the sportswomen, her achievements at an international level and her commitment to building the sport in the area brought her the award.


see also www.algemeensportbelang.nl


3e and 4th dan for Genseikan Karatedo
2 times high degree of dan in Dan exams 20 april 2008
During the dan exams in Utrecht today, not only club members took exams, the trainers also took exams. For example, Ciska van der Voort got her 3rd dan and David Roovers the 4th dan. This is a huge achievement for the Club. We therefore congratulate David and Ciska on behalf of the entire club.
Exams for Black Belt
Four times black in Dan exams 20 april 2008
During the dan exams in Utrecht today, four members of our club obtained their first dan grade. We congratulate Mayla, Willem, Raoul and Femke with this great result. Congratulations on behalf of the club
Club tournament 13 april 2008
Great success 13 april 2008
Last Sunday was the Genseikan Club Tournament in April with great success 2008 kept. Many members have performed above their ability and a first, second or third place. In addition to the fun day, it was also very educational for the participants to participate in a tournament in their own environment. This makes the step to a tournament at another club a little easier webmaster to send photos of this day by mail. This way we can expand our photo album again.
Sensei Suzuki in Schagen
Speciale training 29 February 2008
Last Friday, Sensei Suzuki was a guest in Schagen. Read on and click on the newspaper article.


Ciska in France
Open de Wasquehal 27 January 2008
Sunday 27 January 2008 the international kart tournament Open de Wasquehal was held in France. Ciska participated, below a report of her tournament.


Ciska has run an excellent karate tournament. Won her first match with 2-0 of a multiple German champion. Her 2nd party was met 4-0 defeated Slovakian champion her third match was unfortunately lost to world topper Feo Gomez (2 times european champion and 10 time Spanish champion)
Ciska lost because of them 2 stepped over the line with her little toe once and that means 1 penalty point against. The Spanish world topper was unable to score. But unfortunately lost the match. The tournament did not have a second chance round.

Answers game 11 January 2008
There was a game in December's Karatepraatjuuh. Below the correct answers. 1. how many Ki-ais there are in the 1st kata? “4 Ki-who's's”

2. How many punches do you make during Shi-ho Tsuki Geri? “”27 bumping”

3. What is the Japanese name for the kick in the 1st kata? “My Geri”

4. In which country Ciska became 2nd during the Lion Cup? “Luxembourg”

5. Which Japanese island is the origin of our karate style? “Okinawa”


Tire exam December 2007
Results 21 december 2007
The annual tire exams were held just before the Christmas holidays. At two locations of our club the karateka’s again showed how far they have progressed. Below the results. The first location was Uithoorn / Amstelveen.
Tuesday 7 december 2007 then the time had come. The children have trained hard for a year under the guidance of David Roovers. And now… there was no escape. Exam. For some, something they have done before. Others had to for the first time. But one thing was certain, it was exciting for everyone. While the children were preparing, were the exam table, for the examiners, and quickly placed the benches in the right places in the hall. All spectators could then take a seat on the benches.
The children were asked to line up and greet the examiners. Then the warming-up followed in the back of the hall. The children who would not take an exam also participated. Then the exam candidates were divided into two groups and the next set of techniques were to be shown in the first part of the exam. From Kiba-Dachi with Tsuki to Mea-Geri everything was covered

The second part consisted of showing the Kata’s Gensei Shodan and Shihoo Uke Tsuki Geri. Here too, everyone showed the best of themselves.

The third and last part consisted of Tang gan, the shoulder tapping of the opponent without being hit.

Between the different parts of the exam, Kata demonstrations were given by the yellow and orange belt carriers from Amstelveen. A very good show, something that should be emphasized. And of course something to work towards.

(this report is a contribution by Patrick Smit. Thank you very much Patrick).


Participant location Uithoorn / Amstelveen
Davey Smit
Gurmaad Omer
Jamie Rienks
Keinoun Omer
Kevin Heijne
Louay Saidi Rabah
Max Tazelaar
Mike Hittinger
Noa Zandwijken
Peter Schroten
Boy Ouwehand
Participant location Anna Paulowna / Schagen / Den Helder / Amstelveen
Femke Tiessen
Gregory McConnell
Lennard Jongman
Wilson Clemencia
Josien Joor
Bianca Schaefers
Dan Lavi
Tom Schol
Melvin van Vossen
Gabriel Pauletti
Coen Slopsma
Glenn Slopsma
Roy Lorijn
Marijn de Groote
Lois Timmer
Sam van der Veer
Kick Timmer
Jesper Jongman
Agnes Band
Ilse Schenk
Robin Dapper
Jelle Komen
Femke Smit
Wesley Lahnstein
Shinn Zijp
Pim Lindeman
Nick Fast
David Loesberg


NK Cadets
Mayla in top shape 16 december 2007
During the Dutch Karate Championships in Apeldoorn, Mayla achieved 3rd place in the Kumite section. David Keijzer unfortunately missed the tournament due to an unnecessary injury. Femke ran her Kata very strongly but unfortunately had a balance disruption so that the referees could easily choose her opponent.. Willem did it very well, but because he could not control his nerves, he could not put the usual power and fighting spirit in his kata. Unfortunately he lost.

Mayla congratulations.

NK Youth
Good performances 11 november 2007
Dennis Geerlings achieved third place at the NK for Youth at the 14/15 year olds, Maxime Inden was among the girls 8/9 year 3rd place. Michelle Lambeck girls 10/11 year signed for 2nd place. Ruben de Beus played an extra time in his match, but unfortunately he lost despite having fought very well. Harley unfortunately slipped so he just missed the final and then the same happened so that 3rd place could not be taken.

Congratulations to everyone on achieving this top performance.


Selection training for Ruben de Beus
Allowed to select 23 October 2007

Ruben has finished after selection training 14 was told in October that he was admitted to the dutch youth selection kata.

On behalf of all karatekas of our club, congratulations Ruben.

Ciska 2nd at Lion Cup Luxembourg
Lions Cup 29 september 2007

This weekend the first international Lion-Cup karate tournament was held in Strassen in Luxembourg. Ciska participated on behalf of our club in the kumite part. Her performance turned out to be not without merit, she took second place. On behalf of all karatekas of our club, congratulations on this enormous achievement.



Karateka of the season Jan-Jul 2007
Melanie 18 July 2007
We did not have to think about it for long. Who has performed better last season and developed himself better than….. Fighting back at such a young age to achieve an even higher level than before, and teach a group of karatekas who are often even older than you. Then you must have something in you, then you stand for your sport and for the club. And, that is why you are karateka of the January-July season 2007. The unanimous choice for karateka of the season was made by sensei Konno, David, and Ciska.

Melanie, Congratulations! You are a great example to others.

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