Our club Genseikan Karatedo counts approx 150 members and we are active in the Kop van Noord Holland. The club was founded by David Roovers after learning Genseiryu Karatedo from Sensei Konno.

In our dojo we train all aspects of Karate. You can make a rough distribution in:

  • Kihon (basic technique training)
  • Word ( techniques consecutively in check order)
  • Kumite (the actual fight).

All components are trained with due attention to safety. In 1998 David Roovers got to meet the founder of Genseiryu Karatedo Sensei Shukumine in his hometown in Ito, Japan.

Karate outfit

During the training we have a karate suit (in Japanese "gi") On. A band becomes around the waist (in Japanese "obi") knotted. The color of the belt depends on the level achieved by the karateka (in Japanese).

Fenders are used during training, pads en b-quibes.