Sunday 26 May has Hitomi Tomita, successfully passed the black belt exam at the national dance exams of the KBN. The exam proceeded at a rapid pace in which all important elements in Genseiryu were tested. After the exam, all examiners were evaluated at the mat and the results went to the exam table. After an hour of patience, the exam results were announced for all mats and Hitomi was awarded the 1st dan diploma from Sensei Rob Zwartjes and the black belt from Sensei Boy Muilwijk.. A loud applause was heard from the stands, what there were also a lot of black belts involved as support.

Special promotions took place for the exam, whereby Sensei David Roovers was awarded the 6th Dan from the Karate Association by the chairman of the Karate Association.

Thanks to the partner Sharon Appelman for training together and on behalf of all karatekas of the KLM karate club and Genseikan congratulations on obtaining the black belt!




Sunday May 26th at the national danexamination of the KBN, Tomita San has passed with succes the black belt exam. The examination went in a rapid pace in which every important element of the Genseiryu was examinated. After the examination was there a evluation by the examiners at the tatami and the result went to the examinationtable. After a hour of patience, every tatami got there results and Tomita San got from Rob Zwartjes Sensei the first Dan diploma and she got from Boy Muilwijk Sensei the black belt. A very loud applause came from the audience because there where also a very large number of black belts present as supporters.

Before the examition there was also some special promotions at the Dutch Karate Federation. David Roovers Sensei got the 6th Dan promotion from the chairman of the KBN.

Thanks to examinationpartner Sharon San for training together and on behalf of all the karate members of the KLM karateclub and Genseikan congratulations for achieving the black belt.


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